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March 02 2023Cfao

Start using the exchange now with Woltbit

Woltbit is an exchange built to serve the needs of crypto users. It allows users to make large purchases using its OTC desk while catering to smaller buyers’ needs. The exchange is also secure as it provides the online safety of its user’s assets and information. Additionally, it has multiple payment options, which facilitate seamless transactions between the exchange and users’ bank accounts. Another reason it’s a good choice for users is that it caters to the needs of its users using its customer help desk. All complaints and inquiries can be forwarded to the available addresses for a swift response.

Why should you transact on Woltbit? What features does it have to offer you? In this guide, we will discuss all you need to know about Woltbit and the features it offers its users. You will also be able to decide if the Exchange is right for you or not. Here is all you need to know about Woltbit.

Woltbit - buy and sell cryptocurrency

Why Woltbit?

OTC Desk

The exchange has an OTC desk where users can purchase large quantities of crypto. These deals help users get crypto at a favorable rate. Buying large quantities of crypto from the live markets could affect the asset’s price, and buyers will lose money. Woltbit has links with bitcoin miners which makes this feature possible. If you are a big Bitcoin or Ethereum whale, you will be better served using the Woltbit exchange’s OTC services.

Multiple Payment Options

Whatever your preferred payment method, Woltbit has got you covered. The platform supports numerous payment methods which help users deposit and withdraw funds from the exchange. These payment methods are secured, and users can rest assured that their payment details are protected from data breaches or leaks. Payments are also instant and reflect in your account within a few minutes. Some payment methods on the platform include VISA, MasterCard, VISA Secure, and bank transfers. Each method is available to all accounts and can be accessed when users have verified their identities.

Responsive Customer Service

How quickly do you want your problems resolved? Woltbit wants to resolve any problems you encounter as soon as they occur. Therefore, users are encouraged to forward any complaints to the helpdesk on any available mediums on the website. It has an email address and two phone numbers users can contact to speak to a representative. For users in the UK, +442081570238 is the number to call, while +48732121114 is the number for users in Poland. Furthermore, the email address for users to contact is [email protected]. Each method will connect users with a professional who will answer any inquiries and proffer solutions to encountered problems.

Security and Privacy

Security is top on the list for Woltbit exchange. It ensures its users get the best protection when using the website. Users’ data are encrypted and saved on secured servers safeguarded from bad actors. All the information collected during sign-up is not made available to third parties and is only used to identify and verify users. Furthermore, it gives the exchange the necessary information to spot suspicious activity and alert users where necessary. You can rest assured that you are fully protected when you buy and sell cryptocurrency on Woltbit.

Secured Accounts

Woltbit secures the accounts of its users by using top-of-the-line security measures. It ensures that all users verify their identities using valid means of identification such as a driver’s license or passport. Additionally, the platform has a robust AML (Anti-Money Laundry) policy that detects fraudulent activity from users accounts and protects their assets when needed. Users also have their login details which are only known by them. They can use these details to access the exchange when they want to carry out their transactions. Furthermore, any suspicious activity should be reported to the Woltbit exchange customer help desk for swift action.

H2 Conclusion

Woltbit provides you with the tools you need to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The platform is simple to use and great for new users. What are you waiting for? Start using the exchange now!